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Diversity of species and antimicrobial resistance determinants of staphylococci in superficial waters in Spain.

FEMS Microbiol Ecol; 93(1)2017 Jan.
Artigo em ENG | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27798063


The objectives were to determine the presence and diversity of staphylococcal species in surface waters in La Rioja region (Spain), and to characterize recovered isolates. Staphylococci were detected in 42 of 47 evaluable samples, and 72 isolates were obtained, of which 13 were coagulase-positive (CoPS) and 59 were coagulase-negative (CoNS). Twelve CoPS were identified as S. aureus and typed as follows (number of strains): t002/t502/ST5 (four), t10668/ST425 (one), t10712//ST1643 (one), t843/ST130 (one), t10855/ST2461 (one), t3369/ST2657 (one), t1166/ST133 (one), t8083/ST2049 (one) and t045/ST2460 (one); and one as S. pseudintermedius ST147. Virulence genes tst, cna and lukS/F-I were detected, and one strain showed the immune evasion cluster type F. Regarding CoNS, 12 different species were recovered (number of strains): S. epidermidis (11), S. vitulinus (10), S. sciuri (nine), S. fleurettii (seven), S. lentus (six), S. simulans (five), S. xylosus (four), S. chromogenes (two), S. hominis (two), and S. equorum, S. succinus and S. warneri (one each). Fourteen CoNS isolates presented a multidrug resistance phenotype, with the following resistance genes: blaZ, mecA, fusB, fusC, erm(C), mph(C), erm(A), msr(A)/(B), mph(C), ant(4')-Ia, tet(K), tet(L), catpc194 and str The high diversity of staphylococcal species, as well as multiple resistance and virulence genes, highlights the importance of surface waters as a temporary reservoir and source of transmission.