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The predictive value of serum S100A9 and response to etanercept is not confirmed in a large UK rheumatoid arthritis cohort.

Rheumatology (Oxford); 56(6): 1019-1024, 2017 06 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28096457


The aim was to correlate protein concentrations of S100A9 in pretreatment serum samples with response to the tumour-necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitor drugs etanercept in a large UK replication cohort.


Pretreatment serum samples from patients with RA (n = 236) about to commence treatment with etanercept had S100A9 serum concentration measured using an ELISA. Following the experimental procedure, S100A9 concentrations were analysed with respect to EULAR response.


No evidence of association between S100A9 concentration and EULAR response to the TNF-inhibitor biologic drug etanercept was observed following multinomial logistic regression analysis (non-responder vs moderate responder, P = 0.957; and non-responder vs good responder, P = 0.316). Furthermore, no significant associations were observed when correlating pretreatment S100A9 concentrations with clinical parameters of disease activity (P > 0.05).


In the largest replication cohort conducted to date, no evidence for association was observed to support the use of S100A9 as a clinical biomarker predictive of response to the TNF-inhibitor biologic drug etanercept.