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Application of Partially Substituted 3,5-Dimethylphenylcarbamate-(3-(2-O-ß-Cyclodextrin)-2-Hydroxypropoxy)-Propylsilyl-Appended Silica Particles as Chiral Stationary Phase for Multi-mode High-performance Liquid Chromatography.

J Chromatogr Sci; 55(8): 839-845, 2017 Sep 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28505281
A new type of partially substituted 3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate-(3-(2-O-ß-cyclodextrin)-2-hydroxypropoxy)-propylsilyl-appended silica particles (MP-CD-HPS) have been prepared by a convenient post-immobilization derivazition procedure. The MP-CD-HPS has been successfully used as chiral stationary phase (CSP) for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) under normal phase, reversed phase and polar organic mobile phase conditions. The chromatographic evaluation results show that the MP-CD-HPS has excellent selectivity for the separation of aromatic positional isomers and enantiomers of some chiral compounds. The multi-mode HPLC separation results also indicate that both the stable ether spacer linking to the wider torus rim of ß-cyclodextrin in the MP-CD-HPS phase and the hydroxyl residues in the partially substituted ß-cyclodextrin have important contributions to chiral recognitions and chromatographic separations.