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Analysis of Pulse Signals Based on Array Pulse Volume.

Chin J Integr Med; 2018 May 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29790062


To collect and analyze multi-dimensional pulse diagram features with the array sensor of a pressure profile system (PPS) and study the characteristic parameters of the new multi-dimensional pulse diagram by pulse diagram analysis technology.


The pulse signals at the Guan position of left wrist were acquired from 105 volunteers at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We obtained the pulse data using an array sensor with 3×4 channels. Three dimensional pulse diagrams were constructed for the validated pulse data, and the array pulse volume (APV) parameter was computed by a linear interpolation algorithm. The APV differences among normal pulse (NP), wiry pulse (WP) and slippery pulse (SP) were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance. The coefficients of variation (CV) were calculated for WP, SP and NP.


The APV difference between WP and NP in the 105 volunteers was statistically significant (6.26±0.28 vs. 6.04±0.36, P=0.048), as well as the difference between WP and SP (6.26±0.28 vs. 6.07±0.46, P=0.049). However, no statistically significant difference was found between NP and SP (P=0.75). WP showed a similar CV (4.47%) to those of NP (5.96%) and SP (7.58%).


The new parameter APV could differentiate between NP or SP and WP. Accordingly, APV could be considered an useful parameter for the analysis of array pulse diagrams in Chinese medicine.