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Probiotic Mixture Protects Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis by Altering Tight Junction Protein Expressions and Increasing Tregs.

Mediators Inflamm; 2018: 9416391, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29849501
is a probiotic mixture containing , , and Studies support that has a protective effect in experimental colitis (IL-10-deficient and TNBS) models and in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). However, the mechanism underlying the protective effects of this mixture of probiotic bacteria remains incompletely clear. Here, we investigated the effect of on intestinal inflammation. In an experiment, dextran sulfate sodium was used to induce colitis. treatment significantly attenuated the severity of colitis in this model. increased the expression of tight junction proteins (TJs). In addition, increased the number of Tregs, but reduced the number of total CD4 T cells in the peripheral blood. Furthermore, the expression of colonic CD4 protein was decreased while the level of forkhead box P3 (Foxp3) was upregulated. These results suggested that exerts beneficial effects on experimental colitis by increasing the expressions of TJs, upregulating the number of Tregs, and reducing the total CD4 T cell number in both colon and peripheral blood. The intestinal damage in the pretreated + treated- group was more severe than that in only the pretreated- -colitis group. This suggested that might aggravate intestinal damage when the mucosal barrier is impaired.