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[Characteristics of Elements in PM and PM in Road Dust Fall During Spring in Tianjin].

Huan Jing Ke Xue; 39(3): 990-996, 2018 Mar 08.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29965441
To explore the element pollution characteristics and sources of road dust fall, road dust fall samples were collected during spring in Tianjin and suspended to obtain PM and PM , 16 elements were analyzed, and then their characteristics, sources, and similarities were studied by nonparametric tests, the coefficient of divergence, and enrichment factor. The results showed that the mass fraction (1%-20%) in sequential order of the elements in PM and PM in Tianjin road dust fall were Si > Al > Ca > Fe > Mg > K > Na. The coefficient of divergence of elements in PM and PM was 0.06, indicating that the elements profiles of PM might be similar to PM . The elements of Cd and Cr in PM and PM were at a high level of enrichment degree, and Zn, Cu, Pb, and As showed significant enrichment. The main sources of the elements in PM and PM road dust fall in Tianjin were soil dust, construction dust, traffic dust (motor vehicle exhaust, tire wear, and brake wear), and coal combustion.