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B Regulatory Cells: Players in Pregnancy and Early Life.

Int J Mol Sci; 19(7)2018 Jul 19.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30029515
Pregnancy and early infancy represent two very particular immunological states. During pregnancy, the haploidentical fetus and the pregnant women develop tolerance mechanisms to avoid rejection; then, just after birth, the neonatal immune system must modulate the transition from the virtually sterile but haploidentical uterus to a world full of antigens and the rapid microbial colonization of the mucosa. B regulatory (Breg) cells are a recently discovered B cell subset thought to play a pivotal role in different conditions such as chronic infections, autoimmunity, cancer, and transplantation among others in addition to pregnancy. This review focuses on the role of Breg cells in pregnancy and early infancy, two special stages of life in which recent studies have positioned Breg cells as important players.