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Antimicrobial defined daily dose adjusted by weight: a proposal for antibiotic consumption measurement in children.

Artigo em Inglês, Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30268590


Antimicrobial defined daily dose (DDD), has limitations for antimicrobial consumption measurement in paediatrics. An alternative DDD design applicable for children is proposed.


Children (<16 years-old) from 10 Spanish hospitals during a 12-months period were included. Weight for age (50th percentile) was calculated for the median age of the cohort using standardized World Health Organization tables. DDD (g) for each antimicrobial was calculated by multiplying the obtained weight times the recommended dose (mg/kg) of the antimicrobial for the most common infectious indication.


A total of 40,575 children were included. Median age was 4.17 (IQR: 1.36-8.98) and 4.81 (IQR: 1.42-9.60) years for boys and girls, respectively. Mean weight for this age was 17.08kg. Standardized DDD for representative antimicrobials were calculated.


A useful method for antimicrobial DDD measurement in paediatrics has been proposed and should be validated in future studies for its use in paediatric antimicrobial stewardship programmes.