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Protamine-stabilized gold nanoclusters as a fluorescent nanoprobe for lead(II) via Pb(II)-Au(I) interaction.

Mikrochim Acta; 185(10): 483, 2018 Sep 29.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30269212
The authors report on a one-pot approach for synthesizing highly fluorescent protamine-stabilized gold nanoclusters. These are shown to be a viable nanoprobe for selective and sensitive fluorometric determination of lead(II) via quenching of fluorescence via Pb(II)-Au(I) interaction. Under optimized conditions, fluorescence measured at excitation/emission peaks of 300/599 nm drops in the 80 nM-15 µM lead(II) concentration range. The detection limit is 24 nM, and relative standard deviations (for n = 11) at concentrations of 0.10, 4.0 and 15 µM are 1.6, 2.5 and 1.9%, respectively. The relative recoveries of added lead(II) in the water samples ranged from 97.9 ± 2.29% to 101.2 ± 1.83%. Graphical abstract Lead(II) ions are found to be able to selectively and sensitively quench the fluorescence of the protamine-gold nanoclusters (PRT-AuNCs). Thereby, an inexpensive, selective and sensitive lead(II) assay was established.