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Recent Trends in Potential Therapeutic Applications of the Dietary Flavonoid Didymin.

Molecules; 23(10)2018 Oct 06.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30301216
Didymin (isosakuranetin 7-O-rutinoside) is an orally bioactive dietary flavonoid glycoside first found in citrus fruits. Traditionally, this flavonoid has long been used in Asian countries as a dietary antioxidant. Recent studies have provided newer insights into this pleiotropic compound, which could regulate multiple biological activities of many important signaling molecules in health and disease. Emerging data also presented the potential therapeutic application of dietary flavonoid glycoside didymin against cancer, neurological diseases, liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and other diseases. In this review, we briefly introduce the source and extraction methods of didymin, and summarize its potential therapeutic application in the treatment of various diseases, with an emphasis on molecular targets and mechanism that contributes to the observed therapeutic effects. The dietary flavonoid didymin can be used to affect health and disease with multiple therapeutic targets, and it is anticipated that this review will stimulate the future development of this potential dietary medicine.