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Suspension Training HIIT Improves Gait Speed, Strength and Quality of Life in Older Adults.

Int J Sports Med; 40(2): 116-124, 2019 Feb.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30605922
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of a 12-week high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) training program involving suspension exercises (TRX) on the muscle strength, body composition, gait speed, and quality of life of older adults. A total of 82 older adults were randomly assigned to 3 groups: a HIIT group (n=28), a continuous intensity training group (MIIT group, n=27), or a control group (CG, n=27). Compared to MIIT and CG, participants of the HIIT group showed significant post-intervention improvements in BMI (p=.002 and p<.001, respectively) and gait speed (p<.001 for both). Handgrip strength increase was also observed after HIIT (p=.002), but no differences were observed with MIIT and CG. Compared with MIIT and control groups, HIIT showed improvements in the SF-36 domains: general health (p<.001 for both) health changes (p<.001 for both), vitality (p=.002 and p=.001 respectively) and physical functioning (p=.036 and p<.001 respectively). Our results suggest that a HIIT training program with TRX have benefits in BMI, handgrip strength, gait speed, and quality of life in older adults.