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Parenting, Autonomy in Learning, and Development During Adolescence in China.

New Dir Child Adolesc Dev; 2019(163): 67-80, 2019 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30615264
Autonomy (or self-determination) is a crucial construct in understanding adolescents' development and well-being. This paper presents current knowledge about the features of autonomy in learning, parental autonomy support, and psychological control, and their relations with psychological well-being and academic functioning of Chinese adolescents. Cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence supports the generalizability of Self-Determination Theory to Chinese adolescents. Cross-cultural evidence not only highlights similarities regarding the beneficial effects of autonomy in learning and autonomy support, and the detrimental effects of psychological control on well-being, but also demonstrates differences regarding these associations across Western and Chinese cultures. We conclude with recommendations for future research by focusing on specific profiles of self-determined regulation, more longitudinal studies focusing on the psychological processes underlying the associations between autonomy and development in Chinese adolescents, and conducting culturally sensitive research on parental psychological control.