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Fine mapping and subphenotyping implicates ADRA1B gene variants in psoriasis susceptibility in a Chinese population.

Epigenomics; 11(4): 455-467, 2019 Feb.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30785334


A genomic region on 5q33.3 lies between and encompasses the IL12B and PTTG1 genes, and contains many potential psoriasis causal variants. We aimed to further examine the influence of variants in and around this region. MATERIALS & METHODS: We used least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO)-based regression analysis to assess independent contributions of 2171 variants to psoriasis susceptibility and tested them for association with different clinical psoriasis subtypes.


We found that ADRA1B gene variants contribute to psoriasis in Chinese population. ADRA1B gene variants have a stronger association with moderate-to-severe disease group and an earlier age at onset of psoriasis than IL-12B and PTTG1 variants.


The association of variants in the ADRA1B gene with psoriasis could explain why variants in the IL-12B, ADRA1B and PTTG1 gene regions are associated with psoriasis.