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Loss of the Tumor Suppressor HACE1 Contributes to Cancer Progression.

Curr Drug Targets; 20(10): 1018-1028, 2019.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30827236
HACE1 belongs to the family of HECT domain-containing E3 ligases, which plays an important role in the occurrence, invasion and metastatic process in many human malignancies. HACE1 is a tumor suppressor gene that is reduced in most cancer tissues compared to adjacent normal tissue. The loss or knocking out of HACE1 leads to enhanced tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis; in contrast, the overexpression of HACE1 can inhibit the development of tumors. Hypermethylation reduces the expression of HACE1, thereby promoting tumor development. HACE1 can inhibit the development of inflammation or tumors via the ubiquitination pathway. Therefore, HACE1 may be a potential therapeutic target, providing new strategies for disease prevention and treatment.