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Cryopreservation disrupts lipid rafts and heat shock proteins in yellow catfish sperm.

Cryobiology; 87: 32-39, 2019 Apr.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30876909
Lipid rafts and associated membrane proteins (flotillin, caveolin) play important roles in cell signaling and sperm fertilization while heat shock proteins (Hsp) ensure properly protein folding to fulfill their physiological functions. The markedly reduced fertility in thawed sperm after cryopreservation could result from disrupted membrane lipid rafts and these proteins. To explore the effect of sperm cryopreservation on lipid rafts and heat shock proteins, we compared lipid raft integrity, and the expression levels of lipid raft associated proteins (Flot-1, Flot-2, Cav-1) as well as heat shock proteins (Hsp90, Hsp70) in fresh and thawed sperm cryopreserved under different scenarios in yellow catfish. We found higher lipid raft integrity, higher protein expression levels of Flot-1, Flot-2, Cav-1, Hsp90, and Hsp70 in fresh sperm samples than in thawed sperm samples, in thawed sperm samples cryopreserved with optimal cooling rate than those cryopreserved with sub-optimal cooling rate, and in thawed sperm samples cryopreserved with extenders supplemented with cholesterol than those supplemented with methyl-ß-cyclodextrin (for cholesterol removal). Our findings indicate that lipid raft integrity, and expression levels of Flot-1, Flot-2, Cav-1, Hsp90, and Hsp70 are clearly associated with sperm quality, and together they may play a cumulative role in reduced fertility associated with thawed sperm in aquatic species.