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Bénéfices de la prise en charge intégrée de l'insuffisance cardiaque : l'exemple d'Intermountain Healthcare (États-Unis). / [Benefits of integrated care delivery system for heart failure: A case study of Intermountain Healthcare (USA)].

Sante Publique; 30(6): 877-885, 2019 November December.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30990276


Among chronic diseases, heart failure is a top public health priority both in France and in the United States. If progress is possible in France, the experience from Intermountain Healthcare (IH), in the United States can be a source of significant experimentations.


To identify the teaching of the clinical integration of the specialists in the field of heart failure with the primary care sector which could be useful in France.


This research is based on the qualitative analysis of data resulting from the work between experts, of bibliographical research, and of some groupings by item corresponding to the objectives of the Triple Aim from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).


The program of the integrated care delivery system for heart failure of Intermountain Healthcare reaches the objectives of the Triple Aim from the IHI, that is to say, the enhancement of the health of the population, improving quality of care and the satisfaction of the user, and the reduction of the cost of care. This program also enhances the Chronic Care Model by integrating a team of specialists in the field of heart failure, building up a pluridisciplinary team focused on the need of both the patients and their families. This creates a multidisciplinary care delivery system for heart failure which is global, protocolized, stratified, planned and followed. The prevention and the ambulatory care integrating the specialized care of second stage to the care of first stage are developed. The users and their families are co-responsible for their health. The systematic evaluation is based on the specific indicators.


This program improves the effectiveness of care while improving organizational efficiency resulting in savings for IH Health Plan (SelectHealth). It also enhances the equality of access to better healthcare and health for the entire population.