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Magnetic Multiarm Scaffold for the One-Step Purification of Epitope-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies.

Anal Chem; 91(9): 6172-6179, 2019 May 07.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30995837
Epitope-specific neutralizing antibodies (EsAbs) are of prime importance in the diagnosis and treatment of various serious diseases. However, obtaining EsAbs by the monoclonal antibody technique involves time-consuming and sophisticated multistep procedures, and the epitopes of the resulting antibodies are often not explicit. It is also very challenging to isolate EsAbs from numerous kinds of total immunoglobulins because of nonspecific adsorption and low separation efficiency. Herein, a magnetic core@multiarm shell-epitope (M@A-E) bioconjugate was fabricated to enrich and isolate EsAbs from immune serums. This robust multiarm scaffold exhibits outstanding binding capacity and good resistance to nontarget adsorption and serves as a reservoir for the release and reloading of EsAbs for repeatable applications. The EsAbs yield per milligram of the M@A-E was about 30 µg, which was approximately twice that of commercially available beads (16 µg). After 10 cycles of loading and release in glycine buffer (0.1 M, pH 2.5), the M@A-E bioconjugates still showed relatively high specificity and capture capacity (20 µg) superior to the same amount of new, unused conventional ones. This strategy provides a promising platform for enriching and isolating substantial quantities of EsAbs, which have great potential for applications in the detection and treatment of critical illness.