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Charge-Dependent Regulation in DNA Adsorption on 2D Clay Minerals.

Sci Rep; 9(1): 6808, 2019 May 02.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31048707
DNA purification is essential for the detection of human clinical specimens. A non-destructive, controllable, and low reagent consuming DNA extraction method is described. Negatively charged DNA is absorbed onto a negatively charged montmorillonite to achieve non-destructive DNA extraction based on cation bridge construction and electric double layer formation. Different valence cation modified montmorillonite forms were used to validate the charge-dependent nature of DNA adsorption on montmorillonite. Electric double layer thickness thinning/thickening with the high/lower valence cations exists, and the minerals tended to be sedimentation-stable due to the Van der Waals attraction/electrostatic repulsion. Li-modified montmorillonite with the lowest charge states showed the best DNA adsorption efficiency of 8-10 ng/µg. Charge-dependent regulating research provides a new perspective for controllable DNA extraction and a deep analysis of interface engineering mechanisms.