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Monitorable Mitochondria-Targeting DNAtrain for Image-Guided Synergistic Cancer Therapy.

Anal Chem; 91(11): 6996-7000, 2019 Jun 04.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31088071
It is highly desirable to realize real-time monitoring of the drug delivery/release process in cancer treatment. Herein, a monitorable mitochondria-specific DNAtrain (MitoDNAtrs) was developed for image-guided drug delivery and synergistic cancer therapy. In this system, mitochondria-targeting Cy5.5 dye served as the "locomotive" to guide the DNA "vehicle" selectively accumulating in the cancer cells in a detectable manner. More importantly, Cy5.5 showed reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation ability, which made it a promising adjuvant chemotherapy amplifier for cancer theranostics.