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A model for comprehensive oral biological age score with oral and systemic clinical parameters.

J Oral Pathol Med; 2019 Jun 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31152564


Biological age reflects the functional status of an individual. The purpose of the study was to develop a model for estimating oral biological age with oral and systemic parameters.


A total of 248 subjects who had a routine health check were assessed with oral and general clinical examination. Chi-square test was performed to screen oral clinical candidate indicators. General parameters were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient and principal component analysis to develop a general biological age score. A final comprehensive model of oral biological age score was established by combining oral and general biological age score.


A total of eight oral indicators (mucosal blood blister, mucosal dryness, impacted tooth, missing teeth, residual crowns, dental calculus, gingival hyperemia, and gingival recession) and 10 general clinical indicators (triglyceride, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, glucose, total cholesterol, mean erythrocyte hemoglobin concentration, mean erythrocyte hemoglobin, uric acid, body weight, and systolic blood pressure) were selected for oral and general biological age score, respectively (r > 0.25, P < 0.05). A model of comprehensive oral biological age score was then formed by principal component analysis: 0.046 triglyceride + 0.010 creatinine + 0.141 blood urea nitrogen + 0.048 glucose + 0.068 total cholesterol + 0.014 mean erythrocyte hemoglobin concentration + 0.082 mean erythrocyte hemoglobin + 0.001 uric acid + 0.020 body weight + 0.005 systolic blood pressure + 0.037 oral biological age score -10.908. The score was increased accordingly with CA.


Oral biological age can be easily estimated clinically by the model of comprehensive oral biological age score using oral and systemic clinical parameters by general practitioners.