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Suicide among physicians and methodological similarities of MEDLINE/PubMED and BVS/BIREME oppen access bibliographic databases: a systematic review with metanalysis

Damasceno, Kécia Silva; Barbosa, Élcio de Sousa; Pimentel, João Vitor Cândido; Teixeira Júnior, Antonio Gilvan; Meneses, Airton César Pinheiro de; Gonçalves Júnior, Jucier; Sousa, Danilo Ferreira de; Lima, Paulo Sérgio da Costa; Sales, Iara Bezerra; Gouveia, Antonio Souto; Biruel, Elisabethe Peres; Rolim Neto, Modesto Leite; Nascimento, Vânia Barbosa do.
Health; 9(2)2017. tab, ilus
Artigo em Inglês | Repositório BVS | ID: biblio-846810


Suicide among physicians is a serious public health issue, with an extremely complex and multifactorial behavior.


The aim of this study was to use the theme "Suicide among Physicians" to exemplify the analysis of methodological similarities between the scientific content available at MEDLINE and BVS databases, as scientific research tools.


This is a systematic review with metanalysis. The following combinations of keywords were used for data search in the referred databases: "suicide" AND "physicians" AND "public heath".


Three hundred and thirteen publications were identified, but only 16 studies were chosen. Great association was found between MEDLINE and BVS databases and the Odds Ratio regarding the theme: "Suicide among hysicians".


Considering the similarities found in the utilization of the two analyzed databases, it was possible to identify that suicide among physicians is associated with the exercise of an important professional role in the society and in the workplace. With regard to scientific information, the p-value-obtained value (<0.05) seems to be statistically significant for the association between the suggested theme and the methodological similarities of the scientific information available in the analyzed databases. Thus, these open-access research tools are considered scientific reliable tools.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR1.1