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Burning Fossil Fuels: Impact of Climate Change on Health.

Sommer, Alfred
| Idioma(s): Inglés
A recent, sophisticated granular analysis of climate change in the United States related to burning fossil fuels indicates a high likelihood of dramatic increases in temperature, wet-bulb temperature, and precipitation, which will dramatically impact the health and well-being of many Americans, particularly the young, the elderly, and the poor and marginalized. Other areas of the world, where they lack the resources to remediate these weather impacts, will be even more greatly affected. Too little attention is being paid to the impending health impact of accumulating greenhouse gases.
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Cambio climático y la salud humana

Pabón, José Daniel; Nicholls, Rubén Santiago
| Idioma(s): Español
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Climate change and health in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Benson, Keith; Kocagil, Patricia; Shortle, James
| Idioma(s): Inglés
Resultados  1-10 de 541