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Ter hanseníase e trabalhar na enfermagem: história de lutas e superação. / [To be with leprosy and to work as a nurse: histories of fight and overcoming].

Gusmão, Ana Paula Batista; Antunes, Maria José Moraes.
Rev Bras Enferm; 62(6): 820-4, 2009 Nov-Dec.
Artigo Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20098871
This research aimed at knowing the history of ex-workers, leprosy patients admitted compulsorily from the early twentieth century in Brazil. Leprosy, fraught with prejudice and stigma in the early 20s was treated for decades with stringent policies of compulsory isolation of patients in hospitals colonies. Because of prejudice, there was difficulty in hiring staff to maintain these establishments. The stories of the individuals came from taped interviews with seven residents of the colony, by the method of oral history. The research results partially presented in this paper reported the life histories of individuals, their struggles, sorrows and dreams. It was confirmed that the patients themselves were keepers of services within the colonies, including nursing.
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