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Multi-centre evaluation of real-time multiplex PCR for detection of carbapenemase genes OXA-48, VIM, IMP, NDM and KPC.

van der Zee, Anneke; Roorda, Lieuwe; Bosman, Gerda; Fluit, Ad C; Hermans, Mirjam; Smits, Paul H M; van der Zanden, Adri G M; Te Witt, René; Bruijnesteijn van Coppenraet, Lesla E S; Cohen Stuart, James; Ossewaarde, Jacobus M.
BMC Infect Dis; 14: 27, 2014 Jan 14.
Artigo Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24422880


BACKGROUND: Resistance to carbapenem antibiotics is emerging worldwide among Enterobacteriaceae. To prevent hospital transmission due to unnoticed carriage of carbapenemase producing micro-organisms in newly admitted patients, or follow-up of patients in an outbreak setting, a molecular screening method was developed for detection of the most prevalent carbapenemase genes; blaOXA-48, blaVIM, blaIMP, blaNDM and blaKPC. METHODS: A real-time multiplex PCR assay was evaluated using a collection of 86 Gram negative isolates, including 62 carbapenemase producers. Seven different laboratories carried out this method and used the assay for detection of the carbapenemase genes on a selection of 20 isolates. RESULTS: Both sensitivity and specificity of the multiplex PCR assay was 100%, as established by results on the strain collection and the inter-laboratory comparisons. CONCLUSIONS: In this study, we present a multiplex real-time PCR that is a robust, reliable and rapid method for the detection of the most prevalent carbapenemases blaOXA-48, blaVIM, blaIMP, blaNDM and blaKPC, and is suitable for screening of broth cultured rectal swabs and for identification of carbapenemase genes in cultures.
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