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Progress toward measles elimination in the People's Republic of China, 2000-2009.

Ma, Chao; An, Zhijie; Hao, Lixin; Cairns, K Lisa; Zhang, Yan; Ma, Jing; Cao, Lei; Wen, Ning; Xu, Wenbo; Liang, Xiaofeng; Yang, Weizhong; Luo, Huiming.
J Infect Dis; 204 Suppl 1: S447-54, 2011 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21666198
In 2006, China set a goal of measles elimination by 2012. To describe progress toward this goal, we reviewed relevant policies and strategies and analyzed national data for 2000-2009. In response to implementation of these strategies, including increased routine measles vaccination coverage and province-specific supplementary immunization activities (SIAs), reported measles incidence decreased to a historically low level of 39.5 cases per million in 2009. A synchronized nationwide SIA was scheduled in 2010 to further decrease susceptibility to measles. However, reaching and maintaining measles elimination will require strong political commitment and efforts for strengthening surveillance, increasing 2-dose vaccine coverage to >95%, stricter enforcement of the requirement to check immunization status at school entry, and careful attention to measles susceptibility in those aged ≥15 years.