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Endoscopic use of cyanoacrylate glue in the treatment of urethral fistula.

Macedo, André Ramos Sorgi; Almeida, Silvio Henrique Maia de; Rodrigues, Marco Aurélio de Freitas; Toledo, Luis Gustavo; Maioli, Rafael Agostinho.
Int Braz J Urol; 39(4): 602-3, 2013 Jul-Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24054392


The aim of this video is to demonstrate an endoscopic and minimally invasive repair of an urethrocutaneous fistula with cyanoacrylate glue.


A 56 year-old-man with post-infectious urethral stricture and recurrent perineal abscess formation due to urethral fistulas.


The operative time was 60 minutes, no major complications were observed perioperatively and postoperatively. At a follow-up time of 6 months the patient had no evidence of recurrent fistula and abscess formation.


The endoscopic use of cyanoacrylate glue represents a safe and minimally invasive approach that might be offered as a first line option for the treatment of urinary fistulas in selected patients, especially those with narrow and long tracts.