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Parents' views on toilet training: a cross-sectional study in Flanders.

Van Aggelpoel, Tinne; De Wachter, Stefan; Van Hal, Guido; Van der Cruyssen, Kelly; Neels, Hedwig; Vermandel, Alexandra.
Nurs Child Young People; 30(3): 30-35, 2018 May 11.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29714428


The goals of this research were to investigate parents' perceptions of toilet training and their beliefs and views on how to toilet train children.


Questionnaires were provided to parents of healthy children, aged 18-72 months, who were or had just finished toilet training. There were 928 questionnaires returned (38% response rate). After correcting for age compliance with the range stated in the study, 832 parents remained.


The data confirm a postponement of the age at which children start to potty train and the age at which they are toilet training. Fifty per cent (n=401) of the parents start because the child will soon be attending nursery school and only 27% (n=226) start toilet training because their child shows certain readiness signs. The latter group will significantly end toilet training sooner. Constipation is common and varies considerably in its severity, the complaint should not be ignored. No significant relationship between toilet training and the general family situation - parental status, working status or educational level - was found, suggesting that these factors do not have a significant impact.


Proper education of parents in toilet training and readiness signs could reduce the uncertainties that exist. In that way, toilet training could be carried out more efficiently and at the right time for the child.