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Does glycerol have an effect on pain during nasal packing removal

Erkan, Sanem Oksan; Tuhanioglu, Birgül; Erkan, Zeynel Abidin; Özdas, Talih; Görgülü, Orhan.
Turk J Med Sci; 48(2): 246-250, 2018 Apr 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29714435


The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of lubricating and moistening of Merocel nasal packs with glycerol on reducing pain and bleeding during nasal packing removal in patients who had undergone endoscopic sinus surgery or with epistaxis.


Fifty patients were included in the study. Glycerol was used on one side while saline was used on the other side of the same patient as a control. All patients were blinded to which side received glycerol and which side received saline. In the glycerol group, glycerol was infiltrated into the Merocel packing in the nasal cavity. In the saline group, 0.9% saline solution was infiltrated into the Merocel packing in the other nasal cavity of the same patient. Both applications were performed 15 min before removal of the packs. The patients were asked to score the severity of the pain that occurred in both nasal passages according to a visual analog scale (VAS). Bleeding was recorded as mild (no bleeding), moderate (leakage), and severe (active bleeding requiring intervention).


The mean VAS score was significantly lower in the glycerol group than in the saline group (3.02 vs. 4.86, P < 0.05). Although no significant difference was observed between the groups in the amount of bleeding, lower amounts of bleeding were seen in the side that received glycerol.


Administration of glycerol is a cost-effective and easily performed method of analgesia for nasal packing removal in patients who undergo endoscopic sinus surgery or with epistaxis.