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Envenomations by colubrids: case reports

Almeida, Breno Jackson Lima de; Almeida, Milena Santos Monteiro de; Weekes, Keya Whitney; Gadelha, Maria Apolônia da Costa; Pardal, Pedro Pereira de Oliveira.
Rev. patol. trop; 47(1): 67-73, març. 2018. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS | ID: biblio-913765


Envenomations by non-venomous snakes in Brazil are poorly accounted for and classified as mild, in which pain, erythema and local edema are reported.


To describe accidents by Philodryas olfersii and Hydrodynastes gigas that occurred in the State of Pará, Brazil. Case report The patient bitten by Philodryas presented bleeding, pain, local edema and axillary adenopathy. The patient bitten by Hydrodynastes had pain, local growing edema, as well as ecchymosis, fever and headache. No laboratory tests were performed. The treatment was based on pain control after identification of the snakes.


The local symptomatology of colubrids is similar to accidents with Bothrops. It is important that health professionals perform a correct diagnosis for proper treatment.
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