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Zdravotnické a nezdravotnické náklady na lécbu a péci Parkinsonovy choroby - srovnání Evropy, USA, Asie a Austrálie. / Medical and non-medical costs of Parkinson disease - comparison of Europe, USA, Asia an Australia.

Maresová, Petra; Klímová, Blanka; Kuca, Kamil.
Ceska Slov Farm; 66(1): 3-8, 2017.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28569512
At present different kinds of dementia impose a significant economic burden on the whole societies. Parkinsons disease is the second most common type of dementia. The purpose of this study is to analyze the costs of people suffering from Parkinsons disease in the context of public expenditure needs for the affected people. Firstly, the treatment costs and care in the selected European countries are analyzed, and secondly, these data are compared with the data from other countries and continents. The focus is not only on the developed economies where the issue of costs and PD already causes significant expenditure from public budgets, but also on the developing economies. The methods applied in this study include a method of literature search of available sources describing the costs of PD and a qualitative comparative analysis method. The findings show that the data from the European countries range between 1,949 € and 12,054 €. Comparable data are in the USA at 17,064 €, in Australia at 7,020 € and in Asia they range between 649 € and 9,544 €. These values are certainly connected not only with the available data, but also with the level and possibilities of healthcare services in these countries. In addition, GDP for these continents and countries was specified and the cost ratio of patient with respect to GHD per capita was described. This calculation provides an orientation relative indicator about the economic burden with respect to the countrys development. The results indicate that the most significant issues are diseases and treatment in the European countries in which their highest incidence is expected in future.Key words Parkinsons disease costs health care analysis.
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