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Research on the Realization of Remote Clinical Skills Training.

Yu, Ke; Li, Xiaohong; Wang, Feng; Du, Yihua.
J Med Syst; 42(11): 203, 2018 Sep 18.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30229315
According to the analysis of investigation, there are many problems in the current clinical skills training for medical education, such as large demand, high difficulty and less opportunity. With the development and application of computer network technology, it has provided new directions for the training in the medical field. Using modern management techniques, it has combined computer technology, biochemical science and microbiology principles with traditional clinical medical education experience, which has promoted the development of advanced clinical medicine concepts and skill levels. The combination of distance education and medical education is a process of integrating theoretical knowledge into practice, which not only improve the medical management capabilities of medical staff, but also improve the overall level of clinical skills.
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