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How Nurse Educators Perceive the Transition From the Traditional Classroom to the Online Environment: A Qualitative Inquiry.

Sinacori, Barbara C.
Nurs Educ Perspect; 41(1): 16-19, 2020.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31860479


This study was conducted to explore the experiences of nurse educators who transitioned from traditional classroom to an online learning environment, either 100 percent online or in hybrid courses.


Online education is an effective way to reach students; however, online education requires a different pedagogy than the traditional classroom.


Nurse educators who transitioned from traditional classroom to online environments (100 percent online or hybrid) were interviewed using 13 guided interview questions designed to explore the challenges experienced during the transition.


Challenges nurse educators experienced included a need for professional development for learning a new pedagogy and learning management system, technological support, mentorship in transitioning to the new mode of teaching, and a mind shift in teaching to a different pedagogy.


The results provide practical information for nurse educators who may be interested teaching online courses.
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