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Endocrine dynamics associated with follicle development in pigs: a review

Anim. Reprod.; 6(1): 135-143, January/March 2009. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-5975

The equine female is considered a seasonal mono-ovulatory specie, which is a restrictive factor in respect to embryo production throughout the year. This limitation could be minimized if an efficient superovulatory response and consequent improvement of embryo production were possible. More recent protocols developed in our lab using EPE (equine pituitary extract) have allowed a good superovulatory response. However, the number of embryos recovered has been inferior to the number of ovulations detected due to unknown factors. The present study has the following objectives: Verify if the EPE treatment administered twice daily would alter the oocyte cytoplasmic and nuclear maturation; and to evaluate the follicular environment by measuring estradiol 17-?, testosterone, progesterone, inhibin and nitric oxide. The electrophoresis pattern of proteins in follicular fluid from superovulated and non- superovulated mares was determined. In addition, the oocyte transport through the oviduct was investigated. The present study was divided into four experiments. Experiment I: Study of oocyte transport to the oviduct in superovulated mares using equine pituitary extract. Experiment II: Effect of superovulation on oocyte recovery using transvaginal ultrasound guided follicular aspiration. Experiment III: Evaluation of follicular environment in superovulated mares. Experiment IV: Oocyte maturation in superovulated in mares using equine pituitary extract. Experiment I was performed at Rio Cuarto University, Argentina. In the related study, 22 mares aging from 3 to 12 years were used (9 control mares, 13 EPE treated mares). These mares were monitored daily by ultrasound until the presence of a follicle ? 30mm in diameter, being then examined twice daily. The superovulation protocol used consisted in 25mg of EPE twice a day, intramuscularly, starting at day 7 post- ovulation... / Estudo do fluido folicular, transporte, recuperaçao e maturação de oócitos em éguas superovuladas com estrato de pituitária equina / 20070000

Botucatu; s.n; 2007. 222 p.
Tese em Português | VETTESES | ID: vtt-4397
Resultados 1 - 12 de 12