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Narasin improves ewe milk yield efficiency and may affect performance of lambs

Martins, André Storti; Polizel, Daniel Montanher; Oliveira, Gabriela Bagio; Barroso, José Paulo Roman; Ferraz Jr., Marcos Vinicius de Castro; Miszura, Alexandre Arantes; Baggio, Marcelo; Ferreira, Evandro Maia; Pires, Alexandre Vaz.
Sci. agric; 79(3): e20200334, 2022. tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS-Express | ID: biblio-1290195


ABSTRACT: Adding ionophores to ruminant diets is a strategy to manipulate ruminal fermentation and improve milk yield. This study evaluates the effects of narasin supply to lactating ewes on dry matter intake (DMI), milk yield and composition, and performance of the lambs. Thirty lactating Santa Inês and Santa Inês × Dorper ewes fed a basal diet containing 50 % coastcross hay and 50 % concentrate were randomly assigned to two treatments: control (CON; without ionophores) or NAR (addition of 13 mg narasin kg-1 DM). From the 2nd to 10th week of lactation, DMI of ewes was determined, and once a week, their milk production and composition was measured over a 3-h interval. At the 10th week of lactation, lambs were weaned and their average daily gain (ADG) and starter DMI continued to be evaluated for two more weeks. Narasin supply did not affect weight and DMI of ewes. Ewes fed NAR had greater feed efficiency for milk production and displayed tendency for higher milk yield. Narasin supply reduced milk protein levels, but it did not affect other milk component levels. Ewes fed NAR had greater production of milk urea nitrogen and showed tendency for higher production of fat and total solids. Starter DMI of lambs was not affected by treatments; however, there was a tendency for greater weaning weight for NAR lambs. At the end of experiment, no differences were observed in the performance of lambs. The supply of 13 mg narasin kg-1 to lactating ewes improved milk yield efficiency and tended to increase the weaning weight of their lambs.
Biblioteca responsável: BR1.1