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Influence of Phytase with Or without Organic Acid (Sodium Di-Formate) Supplementation on Growth Performance, Carcass Response, Protein and Mineral Digestibility in Starter Phase of Broilers

Anwar, U; Ahmad, S; Abdelgayed, S. S; Hussain, M; Rehman, A; Riaz, M; Yousaf, M; Bilal, M. Q; Bhatti, S. A; Rahman, M. A.
Rev. bras. ciênc. avic; 24(1): eRBCA-2021-1502, 2022. tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1363525


This experiment was planned to evaluate the effects of phytase supplementation with or without organic acid (OA) on performance, protein, calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P) and sodium (Na) digestibility and carcass parameters in broiler chickens fed low Ca and low P diets in comparison to a high Ca and high P diet with standard specifications. For this purpose, two iso-nitrogenous and iso-caloric diets were prepared in such a way that one diet had high Ca (9.80) and high P (4.50) and second diet had low Ca (8.50) and low P (2.40), respectively. Low Ca and low P diet was further supplemented with enzyme phytase @ 500 FTU/kg, and phytase @ 500 FTU/kg + organic acid (1 kg/ton). Rations were offered to seven replicates of ten birds each, from day 1 to 21. Results revealed that the experimental treatments had no effect on feed intake and growth performance of birds (p>0.05). Carcass parameter results showed highest thigh meat yield % and liver weight % in the birds fed diet with low Ca & P and supplemented with enzymes phytase (p<0.05). Fecal P and Na digestiblities were high (p<0.05) in experimental broilers fed low Ca low P with enzyme phytase supplementation as compared to the diet without phytase supplementation. It is concluded that phytase and OA supplementation in the starter diet with low Ca and low P level did not influence intake, growth and feed conversion of the broilers. However, thigh meat yield percent and mineral digestiblities (P and Na) increased in the broilers that received the diet with low Ca and low P level and supplemented with enzyme phytase.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1