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In vitro and in vivo study of the antiparasitic effect of thymol on poultry drinking water

Sennouni, Chaimae Imane; Oukouia, Mounia; Jabeur, Imane; Hamdani, Houda; Chami, Fouzia; Remmal, Adnane.
Acta sci., Biol. sci; 44: e58571, mar. 2022. tab
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1370276


The current study evaluates the antiparasitic effect of thymol on reducing parasite burden, especially Cryptosporidium load, in poultry drinking water and in improving zootechnical performances of chicks. The first experiment assessed in vitro the anti-cryptosporidiumactivity of NP (thymol-based product) on drinking water samples using microscopic counting. Samples were treated by increasing concentrations of thymol (1, 2 and 4 g L-1of NP). In vivo, chicken wererandomly assigned to three groups (control and chicks consuming treated water with two concentration of thymol (1 and 2 g L-1of NP). Water treatment efficiency was evaluated on the intestinal parasitic load and zootechnical performances of animals (Body weight, body weight gain, food intake and the consumption index). In vitro the anti-cryptosporidium effect was dose dependent (p <0.05; p <0.01; p <0.001). The in vivo test showed that the intestinal parasitic load was significantly lower (p <0.05; p <0.01; p <0.001) in the group treated with 2 g L-1of NP. Additionally, results showed a significant increase (p <0.05; p <0.1; p <0.001) in the body weight and the body weight gain of treated groups during the whole rearing period compared to the control. Furthermore, treated groups represent a lower consumption index compared to the control.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1