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Do enhanced efficiency potassium sources increase maize yield in soil with high potassium content?

Ribeiro, Bruno Neves; Roms, Rafael Zoccolaro; Coelho, Anderson Prates; Batista-Silva, Willian; Souza, Juscelio Ramos de; Gissi, Luciano de; Lemos, Leandro Borges.
Sci. agric; 80: e20210266, 2023. tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1377359


Enhanced efficiency potassium fertilizers can be a management tool that is crucial to crop sustainability in maize (Zea mays L.). However, there is a need for studies aimed at validating the use of these fertilizers in different production environments. This study aimed to evaluate the performance of maize under sources and rates of K through conventional and enhanced efficiency fertilizers in soil with high available K content. The experiment was carried out for two years in an Oxisol (605 g kg-1 of clay) with high K content (6.7 mmolc dm-3). Three sources were used, one conventional (KCl), one obtained by additives sprayed on the fertilizer surface (KCl-C), and one obtained by compacting KCl powder and adding additives (KCl-CC), associated with three K2O rates as top-dressing (50, 100, 150 kg ha-1) and a control without K2O. In all treatments, 48 kg ha-1 of K2O was applied in the sowing furrow. In the first year, maize yield increased linearly for both the KCl and KCl-C sources. The maximum yield (7,967 kg ha-1) for the KCl-CC was obtained at 88 kg ha-1. In the second year, the maximum yields for the KCl (7,553 kg ha-1) and KCl-C (8,166 kg ha-1) were obtained with 20 and 67 kg ha-1 K2O, respectively, while for the KCl-CC maize yield did not change. Enhanced efficiency K sources promote increases in maize yield ranging from 4.3 % to 7.1 %. Top-dressing K fertilization in high-fertility soils is a viable alternative for producers focused on increasing maize yield, mainly when enhanced efficiency sources are used.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1