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Colocefalectomia para o tratamento de fratura fisária da cabeça do fêmur em pônei / Colocephalectomy for the treatment of capital physeal fracture of the femoral head in pony

Lorga, Andressa Duarte; Dornbusch, Peterson Triches; Gomes, Anny Raissa Carolini; Cocco, Mariana; Amaro, Flávia do Prado Augusto; Schade, Jackson; Deconto, Ivan; Barros Filho, Ivan Roque de.
Acta sci. vet. (Impr.); 48(suppl.1): Pub.529-4 jan. 2020. ilus
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1458356


Background: Femoral capital physeal fractures occur in young animals and are generally associated with trauma. They have apoor prognosis and surgical therapy is the most indicated. There are few studies describing surgical treatment and postoperative results, so the objective of the present report was to present the first case in Brazil of a colocefalectomy for the treatmentof femoral capital physeal fracture in a young pony, the post-surgical and the results obtained with the technique employed.Case: An 18-month-old pony, male, not castrated, , weighing 136 kg was referred to the Veterinary Hospital of the FederalUniversity of Paraná (HV-UFPR) with a history of trauma for 4 days. On physical examination, the animal presented lamenessgrade 5 of the right pelvic limb, shortening and lateral deviation of the limb, crackling and painful sensation on abduction, andslight atrophy of the gluteal muscles on the affected side. In the radiographic examination, a femoral capital physeal fracturewas found in the oblique ventro-dorsal projection. Once the diagnosis was performed, a colocefalectomy was realized, as thepatient is a light and short horse. The patient underwent general anesthesia and was placed in the left lateral position. The accessto the coxofemoral joint was made through the lateral face of the right hindlimb. The muscles of the region were incised anddeviated, so a partial myotomy was performed in the deep gluteal and vastus lateralis. This procedure allowed to visualize thefracture, where the head of the femur remained congruent to the acetabulum. A hammer and a curved osteotome were usedto section the round ligament, allowing the dislocation of the femoral head and with the aid of an oscillating orthopedic sawwas performed the femoral neck ostectomy. Previously to the synthesis of the muscular planes and the skin, a passive tubular...
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1