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Deaths of Cows During Long Distance Transportation to the Slaughterhouse. Changes on Histopathological Examination, Muscle and Liver Glycogen Storage and Muscle pH

Burns, Leonardo Vaz; Moron, Sandro Estevan; Córdova, Fabiano Mendes de; Sousa, Luciano Fernandes de; Veiga, Angela Patricia Medeiros; Barbosa, Sílvia Minharro; Cândido, Fredson Ronei; Cruz, Orliomar Martins da; Prata, Dagoberto Machado; Feitosa, Adriana Carla Floresta; Stefanine, Nádia Regina; Monteiro, Katharine Brandão; Silva, Andressa Karollini e; Zimermann, Francielli Cordeiro; Ramos, Adriano Tony.
Braz. j. vet. pathol; 7(1): 07-13, Mar. 2014. ilus, tab
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: biblio-1469886


The present experiment aimed to perform histopathological, muscle and liver glycogen and muscle pH analyses ofcows dead during transportation, and submitted to necropsy in slaughterhouses inspected by Federal Agencies, in Araguaína– TO, Brazil, from January to July 2013. Six affected animals dead during transportation and submitted to necropsyconstituted the Experimental Group (EG); a Control Group (CG), was composed by 6 cows slaughtered ordinarily followingthe slaughter flow. Gross and histopathological evaluations were accomplished only on EG. The main gross lesionsobserved at necropsy were extensive subcutaneous and muscle hemorrhage and hematomas, interstitial (83.3% of cases) andalveolar (66.6% of cases) lung emphysema, lung congestion (66.6% of cases) and edema (16.6% of cases), kidney (83.3%of cases) and liver congestion (16.6% of cases). On histopathological evaluation, the lungs showed interstitial (100% ofcases) and alveolar emphysema (66.6% of cases), congestion (66.6% of cases), edema (16.6% of cases) and blood aspiration(16.6% of cases). Renal congestion (83.3% of cases), hyaline casts (50% of cases) and tubular degeneration were thekidneys changes (16.6% of cases). Rarefaction of the white pulp (66.6% of cases), red pulp (66.6% of cases) andhemosiderin (16.6% of cases) were detected on spleen. The hepatocytes showed turve and finely vacuolyzed cytoplasm(lace-like aspect) possibly caused by a reduction on glycogen (50% of cases) and congestion (16.6% of cases). Autholysiswas observed on 50% of the livers and 16.6% of the spleens and kidneys. The animals from the EG presented higher meanof degenerate muscle fibers. The intercostal muscle was more affected when compared with other muscles on the samegroup. Muscle pH values were higher on EG than on CG. Differently, glycogen average values were similar between groups(EG 58.97 µmol/g and CG 57.05 µmol/g)[...]
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1