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Capim-piatã adubado com fontes de fósforo de diferente solubilidade em água / Piata palisadegrass fertilized with different sources of phosphorus for solubility in water

Duarte, C. F. D; Paiva, L. M; Fernandes, H. J; Prochera, D. L; Cassaro, L. H; Breure, M. F; Flores, L. S; Fernandes, R. L; Souza, E. R. C; Fleitas, A. C; Falcão, K. R. S.
Arq. bras. med. vet. zootec; 67(1): 315-318, 2015. tab
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-13918


The development of piatã grass fertilized with phosphorus sources with different solubilities in water was evaluated. The experiment was developed in the unit of Aquidauana of UEMS, MS, from February to August, 2012. Four treatments were evaluated: control (without phosphorus fertilization), slow solubility, fast solubility (readily available), and mixed solubility sources of phosphorus (FH Pasture(r)). It was adopted a randomized blocks design with four blocks and four replicates in a total of 16 pastures (0.5 ha each one). Measurements were performed weekly to evaluate structural characteristics and morphogenic variables of the plants. Data were submitted to a variance analysis according to the model. When necessary, the means of treatments with different phosphorus fertilizer sources were compared with the control using the Dunnett test and with other treatments by using student's t test. The significance level of 5% was adopted in all analysis. No significant effect was observed (P 0.05) in the evaluated traits in the first year of the experiment.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1