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Cervical laminectomy for the treatment of chronic caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy in a dog

Sembenelli, Guilherme; Wittmaack, Monica Carolina Nery; Oliveira, Levi; Moraes, Paola Castro; Minto, Bruno Watanabe; Dias, Luis Gustavo Gosuen Gonçalves.
Acta sci. vet. (Online); 44(supl): 0501, 2016. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-14842


Background: Cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM) is a common disease of the cervical spine, and causes neurogenic disorders commonly diagnosed in large and giant breeds dogs. There are many surgical procedures proposed for the treatment of CSM. Although many authors report a high success rate (between 70% and 90%) after surgical procedures, the high number of techniques described reflects the difficulty in treating this disorder. The objective of this paper is to report a case of CSM with chronic ventral compression (intervertebral disc extrusion) that was treated with dorsal decompression, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the decompressive technique through pre- and post-operative myelograms. Case: A 9-year-old Doberman Pinscher dog weighing 41.8 kg presented due to a history of tetraparesis. Neurological examination did not reveal any alteration in mental status. There was absence of conscious proprioception on the four limbs; the pelvic limbs were more severely affected. Bilateral patellar hyperreflexia and normal flexor withdrawal reflex were observed on the hind limbs. There was decreased flexor withdrawal reflex and increased extensor tone on the forelimbs. The patient exhibited pain during caudal cervical palpation, and no alterations were seen on the cutaneous trunci reflex. Superficial pain was absent in the hind limbs; forelimbs exhibited presence of motor [...](AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1