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Different Dissociative Anesthesia Protocols For Coatis (Nasua Nasua)

Martini, Andresa Cássia; Monzem, Samuel; Gomes, Lianna Ghisi; Vasconcelos, Luiz Paulo Santos; Farias, Daniela Cristina; Silva, Felipe Gomes da; Paz, Regina Célia Rodrigues da; Souza, Roberto Lopes; Guimarães, Luciana Dambrósio.
Acta Vet. bras.; 11(4): 200-204, Dec. 2017. tab
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-15877


This study evaluated the effects of various combinations of dissociative drugs, tranquilizers, and sedatives in four male coatis (Nasua nasua) with an average age and weight of 4.8 ± 1.3 years and 6.02 ± 0.56 kg, respectively. We studied six groups with different anesthetic protocols: CX (10 mg/kg ketamine-S and 2 mg/kg xylazine); CXA (10 mg/kg ketamine-S, 2 mg/kg xylazine, and 0.04 mg/kg atropine); CM (10 mg/kg ketamine-S and 0.5 mg/kg midazolam); CMAc (10 mg/kg ketamine-S, 0.5 mg/kg of midazolam, and 1 mg/kg acepromazine); C(20)M (20 mg/kg of ketamine-S and 0.5 mg/kg midazolam); and TZ (7 mg/kg of tiletamine and zolazepam), with a 30-day interval between the completion of each procedure. We evaluated heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (RR), saturation of oxyhemoglobin (SpO2), body temperature T (°C), and muscle relaxation, using a scoring system. There was no statistical difference for SpO2. T (°C) was progressively reduced over time in all groups (p< 0.0001). The groups CM, C(20)M, CMAc, and TZ demonstrated the greatest effect on HR and T (°C). With respect to respiratory rate reduction, groups CM and TZ showed similar results. The best degree of muscle relaxation was observed in groups CM and C(20)M. We concluded that the combination of 20 mg/kg ketamine and midazolam 0. 5 mg/kg (group C(20)M) is an option for dissociative anesthesia of coatis, producing smaller changes in T (°C) and HR, and promoting better muscular relaxation when compared to other combinations.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1