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Fratura cominutiva e articular distal de úmero tratada com fixador esquelético externo transarticular em três gatos / Comminuted articular fractures of the distal humerus of the three cats treated by transarticular skeletal fixators

Dal-Bó, Ísis dos Santos; Ferrigno, Cássio Ricardo Auada; Macedo, Aline Schafrum; Ferreira, Márcio Poletto; Marinho, Paulo Vinícius Tertuliano; Paes, Fernanda; Bregadioli, Thales; Monteiro, Bianca Fiuza.
Acta sci. vet. (Online); 45(suppl.1): 01-06, 2017. ilus
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-16454


Background: Humeral fractures account for 13% of all fractures in cats and commonly affect the middle diaphysis and supracondylar region with comminution. They are usually the result of high energy traumas such as falls, car accidents and firearm injuries. There are few treatment options for these types of fractures and since they are joint injuries, early surgical repair is mandatory to achieve perfect anatomical reduction, to maintain joint congruence and to allow early weight bearing. Our purpose is to report four subacute and chronic fractures of the distal diaphysis associated with comminuted supra and intercondylar fractures, stabilized with transarticular external skeletal fixator in three domestic felines. Cases: (1)- A 3-year-old male docile Siamese cat with 3.7 kg of body weight was presented for consultation with a 14-day history of high rise syndrome after falling from a 12-meter high. It presented distal comminuted humeral fracture that involved the inter and supracondylar regions. It also had right carpal-ulnar subluxation and comminuted right olecranon fracture involving the articular surface in the left thoracic limb. Fracture and joint stabilization was achieved by use of a transarticular hybrid external skeletal fixator on the right front limb. Fracture healing was observed at 150 days postoperatively. (2)- A 10-year-old female aggressive mixed breed cat with 4.1 kg of body weight was presented for consultation with a 16-day history of high rise syndrome after falling from a 9-meter high. The cat had a comminuted right humeral articular fracture with supra and intercondylar involvement and scapular fracture on the contralateral limb. The humerus fracture was treated with a transarticular linear external skeletal fixator and fracture healing was obtained at 240 postoperative days […](AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1