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Muscle regeneration through therapy with estromal stem cells in injury of infraespinhosus muscle of sheep

Brandão, Aline Grama Moreira; Consalter, Angélica; Leite, Juliana da Silva; Zamprogno, Helia; Ferreira, Ana Maria Reis.
Acta cir. bras.; 33(3): 231-237, mar. 2018. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-19584


Purpose: To evaluate the effects of rotator cuff muscle regeneration in sheep and establish an experimental model for the use of autologous stem cells as a treatment option for tendon injuries. Methods: Infrared muscle tenotomies and Penrose drain implantation were performed on 12 shoulders of six clinically healthy adult sheep. After 60 days, the tendons were submitted to tissue repair, drainage removal, and divided into two groups according to the use of autologous stromal stem cells for treatment. Muscle regeneration was performed by biopsy on days 14 and 34 after repair. Results: The treatment group with cell therapy showed neovascularization and expressive regeneration. Complete regeneration of the muscle pattern did not occur in any sample although some muscle gain was obtained in the group 1 samples at 34 days after repair and introduction of stem cells. Fatty infiltration of these samples from group 1 at 34 days was less intense than that in samples from group 2 at 34 days after repair without the introduction of autologous precursor cells. Conclusion: The sheep proved to be a good experimental model to assist in the development of research on muscle regeneration and the autologous manipulation of stem cells as a therapeutic option.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1