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Spatiotemporal ecology of two Neotropical herbivorous mammals

Dias, Douglas de Matos; Almeida, Meyline de Oliveira Souza; Araújo-Piovezan, Talita Guimarães de; Dantas, José Oliveira.
Pap. avulsos Zool.; 59: e20195910, May 20, 2019. mapas, tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-19728


On this study, we used camera traps in a Semi deciduous Seasonal Forest, northeast of Brazil, to estimate the frequencies of occurrence of two Neotropical herbivorous mammals: the spotted paca (Cuniculus paca) and the tapeti (Sylvilagus brasiliensis), analyzing their seasonal variations of spatial distribution. We also characterized the activity pattern of the species and their seasonal variation. The herbivorous frequencies of occurrence were constant during all the seasons. In general, both species were mostly active at night. However, between the rainy and dry season, we identified differences in spotted paca activity peaks. Here we present one of the first studies on the tapeti, whose ecology is understudied. Our results also show a general view of the spotted paca and tapeti behavior strategies to seasonal variations. Due to the scarce food resource in the dry season, possibly these herbivorous need to search for different kinds of food available IFS around.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1