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Achados clínicos, laboratoriais e ultrassonográficos de cão diabético com cistite enfisematosaˆipt / Clinical, laboratory and ultrasonographic findings of diabetic dog with emphysematous cystitisˆien

Magalhães, Francisco Felipe deˆ1VETCLINIC Hospital Veterinário 24 horasˆcFortalezaˆpBrasil; Canuto, Francisco Jucélio Correiaˆ1VETCLINIC Hospital Veterinário 24 horasˆcFortalezaˆpBrasil; Gomes, Gisele de Oliveira Matosˆ1VETCLINIC Hospital Veterinário 24 horasˆcFortalezaˆpBrasil; Rôla, Marília Lídia Maiaˆ1VETCLINIC Hospital Veterinário 24 horasˆcFortalezaˆpBrasil; Barbosa, Roméria Rodriguesˆ1VETCLINIC Hospital Veterinário 24 horasˆcFortalezaˆpBrasil; Silva, Márcio César Vasconcelosˆ1VETCLINIC Hospital Veterinário 24 horasˆcFortalezaˆpBrasil.
Acta Sci. vet.; 47(suppl.1): Pub. 372, 2019. ilus
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-20602


Background:Emphysematous cystitis is a rare inflammatory disease of the lower urinary tract characterized by the ac-cumulation of gas within the wall and lumen of the urinary bladder. The clinical manifestations of emphysematous cystitis resemble those of bacterial cystitis, often hindering the differentiation between the two. In this work, we report a case of emphysematous cystitis in a diabetic dog. The diagnosis of cystitis was followed by ultrasonography for the early detec-tion of emphysematous cystitis, which showed the presence of multifocal and irregular hyperechoic interfaces forming a distal reverberation artifact.Case: A 9-year-old female dog was referred to VETCLINIC Veterinary Hospital 24 h with a history of urinary incontinence, polydipsia, polyuria, and diabetes mellitus. At first, the blood glucose was measured and found to be 376 mg/dL. Blood count, biochemical measurements of alkaline phosphatase (AF), urea, creatinine, and alanine aminotransferase (AAT), urinalysis, urine culture with antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and abdominal ultrasonography were performed. The hematological exams showed that the serum was lipemic and with hemolysis; the values of AAT, AF, and total plasma proteins were above the reference values; hematocrit was below the normal level; erythrocyte rouleaux and thrombocyto-sis with platelet aggregates were present. Urinalysis showed the presence of traces of proteins, glucose, and occult blood as well as granular and hyaline cylinders and transitional epithelial cells. In urine culture, growth of the aerobic bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae was observed, being sensitive to most of the antimicrobials. Ultrasonography showed the pres-ence of gas in the wall of the urinary bladder, besides a discrete thickening of the wall, compatible with the diagnosis of emphysematous cystitis. Discussion: The first report of emphysematous cystitis in dogs was made in 1926 in a diabetic dog...(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1