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Chlorogenic acid improves the quality of boar semen processed in Percoll

Rabelo, Stenia Severo; Resende, Carla Oliveira; Pontelo, Thais Preisser; Chaves, Bruna Resende; Pereira, Bárbara Azevedo; Silva, William Eduardo da; Peixoto, Juliano Vogas; Pereira, Luciano José; Zangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto.
Anim. Reprod.; 17(1): e20190021, 2020. tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-24173


This study aimed to evaluate if the addition of chlorogenic acid (ChA) to semen extenders improves the quality of cooled boar semen processed in Percoll. The experimental design was randomized blocks (ejaculates) in a 2×3 factorial (with or without Percoll, and three antioxidant systems: a negative control, without supplementation, a positive control vitamin E, and ChA), totaling six treatments and 12 repetitions. ChA and vitamin E (VE) were added at 4.5 mg/ml and 400 μg/ml in extender, respectively. At 0, 48 and 72h of storage at 15ºC, 80 ml insemination doses each containing 2.0 billion sperm cells were submitted to centrifugation in Percoll. The use of Percoll impaired (P<0.01) all motility patterns but decreased (P<0.01) the number of abnormal cells at 0, 48 and 72h of storage. Both VE and ChA improved (P<0.05) the total motility after Percoll processing, but only in semen stored for 48h. The same effect was not observed (P>0.05) in semen stored for 72h. ChA improved (P<0.05) the total motility of the semen stored for 72h, but this effect was not observed (P>0.05) when the semen was processed in Percoll. The antioxidants had no effect (P>0.05) on the viability and integrity of the acrosome, but ChA reduced (P<0.05) the number of abnormal cells at 0h, while VE increased the number of abnormal cells in semen stored for 72h, independent of the use of Percoll. There was no effect (P>0.05) of antioxidants or Percoll on the concentration of malondialdehyde in seminal plasma. The use of Percoll had no effect (P>0.05) on the cholesterol efflux, but ChA increased (P<0.05) this parameter at 0h and reduced (P<0.05) in the semen stored for 72h not processed with Percoll. In conclusion, the addition of ChA to semen extenders improved the quality of boar semen processed or not in Percoll.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1