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Avaliação reprodutiva de Pastores Malinois do Canil da Polícia Militar do Piauí / Reproductive evaluation of Malinois Shepherds Kennel of Piaui Military Police

Paula, Ney Rômulo De Oliveira; Frota, Raphael Brinseno; Porfirio, Kenney De Paiva; Cardoso, Janaina De Fátima Saraiva.
R. bras. Reprod. Anim.; 40(4): 527-529, Out-Dez. 2016. tab
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-24262


The dog has always been next to the human being and during these periods of conflict could not bedifferent. In the police service the Brazilian police, mastered the technique of using police dogs to better servesociety, further enhancing the monitoring, preservation and maintenance of public order. The pioneering statesin the use of dogs in police activities were Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo arround 40th (MARCIEL, 1999). InPiaui around 2005 gave the creation of the BOPE (Special Operations Battalion) of the PMPI, and the 3rdCompany was kennel (Policing Company with Dogs), through the State Law nº5.468 18 July 2005. But even in2004 gave the effective implementation of kennel. After its creation, the need to renew and increase the squad,with the difficulty of funding and acquisition of new animals, saw the need to reproduce the animals in thekennel, predominantly malinois pastors. In order to support the state and provide a training and improvement ofthe members of the "Research Group Health and Animal Reproduction of the Federal University of Piauí," theywere made the andrological and gynecological examinations of these animals, which were able to play, beingonly one male, temporarily unfit for reproduction.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1