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Uso de sulfato de vincristina no tratamento de carcinoma / de células escamosas em glândula lacrimal de um equino / Use of vincristine sulfate in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma in a horses lacrimal gland

Jacobsen, Tainã Kuwer; Eduardo Neto, Marcos; Veiga, Ângela; Figueiró, Giuliano Moraes; Bastiani, Grasiela de.
Acta Sci. vet.; 47(suppl.1): Pub. 455, 10 dez. 2019. ilus
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-25645


Background: Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is one of the most common cutaneous neoplasms found in equine breeding.The main cause is still unknown, based on predisposing factors such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, advancedage, depigmented skin and viral or parasitic agents. There is currently a range of possibilities for the treatment of SCC.The choice of the ideal treatment changes according to the location, evolution and size of the tumor, economic costs andavailability of material. The present case report aims to report the case of a Campeiro breed, diagnosed with SCC in theleft lacrimal gland region and to evaluate the action of vincristine sulfate as intralesional chemotherapy.Case: A 30-year-old stallion of the Campeiro perlino coat it was attended in the sector of Clinic and Surgery of LargeAnimals, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina - Curitibanos campus. Physical examination revealed an alert anddocile temperament, with no considerable physiological changes. In the evaluation of the left eye, it was observed a massof 2x2 cm rosacea, with granular and ulcerated appearance, it was detected in the portion of the medial corner of the eye,and the lacrimal gland cannot be macroscopically delimited. Also it was detected a moderate mucopurulent secretion.The mass was collected through fine-needle aspiration (FNA) and puncture without aspiration of contents found in thethird eyelid region for cytological analysis, and a malignant epithelial cell neoplasia associated with septic suppurativeinflammation was observed, suggestive of SCC. After the laboratory results analyzed, 0.25 mL of intralesional vincristinesulfate (Vincizina®) with 20x06 needle was applied in the base of the tumor mass as treatment. After 24 days of the firstand only application of the antineoplastic, treatment success was remarkable, with a macroscopic involution...(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1