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Estimated date of delivery in Chihuahua breed bitches, based on embryo-fetal biometry, assessed by ultrasonography EN

Vieira, Catharina de Albuquerque; Bittencourt, Rodrigo Freitas; Biscarde, Carmo Emanuel Almeida; Fernandes, Maíra Planzo; Nascimento, Alessandro Bitencourt; Romão, Elton Amorim; Carneiro, Isabella de Matos Brandão; Silva, Mariana Alves de Andrade; Barreto, Renata Oliveira; Loiola, Marcus Vinícius Galvão.
Anim. Reprod.; 17(3): [e20200037], 2020. ilus, tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-28782


Due to the peculiarities of the reproductive cycle of the female dog, which makes it difficult to accurately ascertain the date of conception, it may be challenging to precisely estimate the gestational age in bitches. Using fetal measurements obtained by ultrasound, it is possible to estimate the gestational age in dogs; however, due to the differences in size of the various breeds, such estimates may have a significant standard deviation, which represents less accuracy when specifying the date of birth. The purpose of this study was to evaluate pregnant female Chihuahuas, establishing relations between the fetal dimensions measured by ultrasound and the remaining time until delivery. Using 13 pregnant female Chihuahuas, weekly ultrasound assessments and measurements were performed, of the inner chorionic cavity, cranial-caudal length, biparietal diameter, abdominal diameter and thoracic diameter. Such parameters were retroactively correlated to the date of delivery, and linear regressions were established between the gestational measurements and remaining days until delivery. The fetal measurement presenting the highest correlation (r = 0.99; P<0.0001) and reliability (R2 = 0.98, P<0.0001) with the probable date of delivery was the biparietal diameter, a measurement that can be easily and safely obtained and, when applying a specific formula (Y = -15.46X1 + 38.72), can accurately predict the date of delivery in Chihuahua female dogs.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1